Behind the Scene of “Alien Physician”


Dr. Nadia Wahab found herself trying to save Bertha’s life, a patient who signed an AMA (against medical advice) saying she doesn’t want to be treated by a person of color, but by a white doctor like herself. Would Nadia, a Captain in the US Army medical corp give in to a racist or fight to save a life like her oath requires of her?

Bertha walks into a county clinic ER with a pain in her chest, trying to find help before it becomes too late. Dr. Wahab was assigned to treat Bertha, but Bertha was not willing to allow herself to be treated by Dr. Wahab because she holds a bias towards all Muslims or just anyone that doesn’t look like herself. While Bertha has every right to refuse treatment from Dr. Wahab, she was asked to sign an AMA in case she got worse and there was no other doctor but Wahab to treat her. Bertha signed the AMA, but she got really worse. Dr. Wahab disregarded the AMA agreement and went with her training as a soldier and a doctor to safe Bertha’s life. Bertha woke up unhappy that she was saved by Wahab and immediately filed a suite.