Leslie 'Noless' Dapwatda

About Me

Leslie Dapwatda Is an Atlanta Cinematographer with a background in Sound Design and Music production. Over the five years of a career as a Cinematographer, DP, Director and camera operator, Leslie has created, written and produced a series of television shows, features and short films for clients and for his company, No'less Studios.

Leslie is a retired Captain in the US Army with two tours under his belt. He served in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF 09-10), and in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF 11-12) where he led a platoon of combat Engineers in a war zone. Among No'less' clientele are Arewa24, whom he produced and directed a 13 part Docu-Series "Farfadown Borno" about the aftermath of the Boko Haram insurgency in Northeastern Nigeria, Africa Magic, StarTimes and host of others.

As a combat veteran, working as an Atlanta Cinematographer comes easy in navigating the challenges. Leslie has produced and directed films in combat/conflict areas (Boko Haram), and his background as an Engineer Captain in the US Army helps him make fast and quick decisions. Leslie's goal as a filmmaker is to 'tell the African story from an African perspective' This has driven the writing styles of Leslie and his general style as a Cinematographer.

If you need an Atlanta Cinematographer, DP, Director, Atlanta Steadicam Operator or Camera Operator contact Leslie for the best film solution..